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Presymptomatic / Asymptomatic Medical Testing

What is Medical Testing?


Where is it available? 

Tests ordered by your personal care team are medical / clinical in nature. These tests have a higher regulatory scrutiny than research testing and so are presumably more accurate. As it is part of your medical care it will have costs associated with it according to your insurance. There are currently a few free medical testing options your doctor can order sponsored by pharmaceutical companites. As this process is normally directed by your Dr, if they are not a genetics expert they may not be familiar with the importance of genetic counselling. Be sure to discuss your desire for genetic counselling with your care team.

As these tests are conducted under the auspices of your own personal medical care, it should be assumed results will be reflected in your medical record.

There are many genetic testing companies and procedures. Your care team may have a preference. The programs that currently cover free testing options for genetic ALS & FTD are below.

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